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Inspirations - Thoughts and Reflections for Life

Inspirations - Thoughts and Reflections for Life


"Inspirations"... Do we not all long for inspiration in our lives? In a time where life and society are becoming ever faster? A time in which consumerism and entertainment are often super-ficial and spiritless? Who or what really still inspires us today? Truly inspiring things have become so rare that when they do come our way, we usually immediately notice them. Sometimes we do not recognize inspiration and regard it as "corny" because it no longer fits into our seemingly superficial world. "Thoughts & Reflections"... We have hardly any time for these nowadays anymore, or rather ­often believe not to have the time for contemplating life, certain things and their relationships. But is this the right way? "We run through life like lemmings"... The fact that we meet many familiar faces along the way, makes us feel we are on the right path, in the right direction... Without inspiration, without reflection... simply running... Let yourself be inspired by this book!

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